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Last Updated 11/23/2001

This mini-FAQ is primarily to inform those who are new to the Usenet, and who may be considering private communication with the person commonly known on Usenet as Ras.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided herein. Verifiable corrections and updates are always welcome.

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Some of the writings of Ras

McCarty on McCarty
McCarty's Demons
note: we are collecting some of his more interesting works, please email with any amusing works.

Higdon vs. McCarty

The Civil Action (as amended)
McCarty's Answer
McCarty's Retraction
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Important: Michael McCarty is under court order at this time to refrain from communicating on the Internet except in conjunction with employment requirments. Any other use is a violation of the terms of his probation.

Update: All Good things must pass. Mikeys probation has ended! Damn!
... and he is now threatening the life of the maintainer of this faq. on May 9th 2000, he wrote:
  I suggest you check out that plane of your's real good,
    everytime you get into it.  You never know when someone
    can gain access and will want to do some engine work for you.
    You might even fly right into a fag's apartment in Willow

    I'll call you 'Alaska Air' for now,
    you can call me "Logan's Fun"

    Be worried.
    Be afraid.
    The future is open to all things, loser.

    Ras Mikael Enoch

It also now appears that Mr. McCarty has been checking up on the faq maintainers house.

From: Ras Mikael Enoch
 Subject: Satanist Steve Rubin Selling His House 
 Newsgroups:, ba.broadcast
 Date: 2001-11-21 08:35:33 PST 

   I noticed that realtor Coldwell-Banker is selling
   Steve Rubin's house, at 3915 Louvre, San Jose,

   What's the matter Steve ?
   Chapter 7/11/13 ?

   Steve Rubin,
   a publicly professed satanist on the internet,
   a queer who gets "turned on" by the discussion of feces,
   a Napster employee [BANDITS], 
   and an employee of Empire Broadcasting.

   Or has Steve lost a job or two ? 
   Having financial problems Steve ?
   Really though, how much for the house ?
   one needs to just call them up and they'll give 
   you a guided tour of his "home".

   Ha !

   Ras Mikael Enoch

                        - Michaelangelo -

He has also made posts about 2 of my employers...

From: Ras Mikael Enoch (
 Subject: Boycott Empire Broadcasting - Satanists 
 Newsgroups:, ba.broadcast
 Date: 2001-11-08 17:35:57 PST 

   Steve Rubin / <9s2uae$6uj$> wrote:
> All Hail Satan!

   It becomes all too obvious,
   the publicly offered ADMISSIONS of Empire Broadcasting's
   employee Steve Rubin, who's publicly expressed satanic 
   leanings and anti-christ fervor of lies, are already known.   
   Empire Broadcasting is employing a devout satanist who is
   harassing me personally and through his conspiracy of lies,
   as a follower of Satan "the father of all lies"
   Satanist Steve Rubin of Empire Broadcasting [KARA/KLIV/KRTY].

   It is no wonder then that recorded artists are having
   such difficulty in controlling their own works, let 
   alone the royalties involved, when we consider wholesale
   piracy of recorded works.  Satanist Steve Rubin also 
   works for Napster [Redwood City], a gang of thieves who
   steal from others, where Steve Rubin's own missing morality, 
   let alone ethics, once again comes into consideration. 
   No matter what new faces the Napster thieves put on themselves,    
   they are still, from inception, thieves with no morality
   or ethics, other than their own form of theft which harms
   each and every artist that they steal and distribute 

   Silicon Valley happens to host all kinds of evil human toads 
   who work for evil computer based companies like Napster.
   Living in the evil infamous Valley one becomes aware of
   their presence, arrivals from out-of-state, like jackals 
   on the corpse of the living (artists).  Namely Napster, 
   who is evil, then and now, no matter what new face they try 
   and put on their house of thieves in Redwood City.

   Satanist Steve Rubin who publicly states how he gets "turned-on"
   by the discussion of feces, dirty talk, as he joins a chatty 
   group of queers in gay newsgroups, namely ba.motss.  Satanist 
   Steve Rubin's hatred for God even transcends his ability to 
   understand that J.F.K. was conspired against by a homosexual 
   coup -

   Let alone Steve Rubin's personal eradication efforts and 
   present satanic quest to harass me personally - Empire Broadcasting.
   He's busy in the gay newsgroups too.
   It was by my investigative work that I was able to ascertain
   that a fellow satanist, a Steve Guiliotis, of KFJC FM, who literally
   pimps out his wife on the internet as they happen to be "escorts", 
   with totally depraved commentary that accentuates once again which
   evil birds all flock together, the cabal of lies and conspiracies,
   the satanists in broadcasting, namely the S.F. Bay Area, Calif.

   Steve Rubin - Empire Broadcasting - Satanists.

   I now know that Empire Broadcasting employs satanists
   who are involved in lies and harassment against me 
   personally, therefore my new call, my offered opinion 
   and attention will be moved towards what goes on behind 
   the scenes at Napster and the media entities that cater
   to treacherous satanists like Steve Rubin.

   What then is satanist Steve Rubin doing by offering support
   to others who have un-fair criticism against KSFO 560 AM.
   Steve Rubin worked a stint at KSFO AM messing with wires,
   and equipment.  Respected Lee Rogers of KSFO AM offered
   an observation of those employees who lost their jobs,
   "well no-one was listening to them".
   Steve Rubin, the un-saved unregenerate satanist,
   who owns an airplane in San Jose.  I suggest that someone
   keep an eye on his plane, and if he decides to fly into
   a building.  As satanists are so keen on suicide.
   KARA / KLIV / KRTY - 
   There needs to be a boycott of these media entities,
   and a closer examination of the others who work there,
   for as long as Steve Rubin is associated with them then
   I have no alternative but to urge a boycott, and a
   further examination and inquiry into the other satanists
   if any who work for Empire Broadcasting.
   Napster is evil, an house of thieves from inception,
   with new masks on as if a masquerade, I can only suspect
   that Napster will likewise elevate a fellow thief
   (involved in stealing my 1979 FCC license),
   into a position with the company of evil grand theft.
   No Morality
   Evil Lies and Harassment 

> All Hail Satan !

   Un-regenerate satanist Steve Rubin,
   employee of Empire Broadcasting,
   cohort of the other publicly professed satanists
   who are working in local radio.  A whole evil
   conspiracy of lies of which Steve Rubin is a
   direct participant with the satanists at KFJC FM,
   'The Devil's Radio'.

   Empire Broadcasting - Satanists !
   Until I hear otherwise.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Ras

"He's a little coward who hides behind his computer. He's got the potential to be a dangerous guy."
-- John McMullen, Investigator, Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office